Hello, and thank you for coming to this directory. What makes me qualified to recommend these businesses?

  • I am very active in the local business community, and a member of two Chambers of Commerce for several years
  • I have lived here for 20 years, attending community events and hosting (planning) events: Some 120 events per year
  • I have large social and professional circles, due to my event planning and marketing business. I regularly interact and work with quality businesses and service professionals in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach area -- and have learned who does what best, and who you can count on.

Because of all this, I am frequently asked to recommend various professionals or businesses. This site was a way of sharing my knowledge and connections with others. Good businesses and good business people deserve our support. Small businesses have the ongoing challenge of remaining viable, being able to afford their expenses and yet sell goods and services for a competitive price.
I support my fellow small business owners and managers and applaud their efforts, and I know that I speak for them when I say, we appreciate every single customer and every single sale, no matter how small.

This site shares businesses that I am able to personally recommend. Some of them have become friends, some have become clients, and thus I know the quality and commitment of their team even more in-depth. By visiting and using the businesses listed on this site, you are showing your support for entrepreneurship, the American dream and the American spirit. Shop small, shop local, it’s the right thing to do! I will add a postscript of information that is extremely close to my heart, a major concern and passion (below). Thank you for reading, and for caring.

Large chain stores import many, many products from China. There are manufacturers and people in China who use extremely unethical practices against not only humans but animals. For example, dogs and cats are abused and treated in torturous ways (killed very inhumanely) for their fur and other body parts to be used in products — products that Americans buy en masse. Please reduce the products you buy from China in hopes that someday they will decide to treat people and animals with more kindness. Of course, not all Chinese people operate this way but sadly their culture tolerates this awful behavior. Korea and other Asian countries also torture animals, including skinning dogs alive due to the desire to save the cost of a proper euthanization. Thank you for educating yourself and becoming aware. Simply Google these subjects to learn how you can help. PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and In Defense of Animals.

Enjoy this website and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting these businesses that I like and care about! They offer good, honest, American products and services!

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Your single source for finding reputable, well-established, high-quality businesses — as well as unique deals and discounts from some of the finest professionals in Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Written by Priscilla Speicher, 20-year South Florida resident & networking guru. Whatever you need, it's here -- and if not, Just Ask Priscilla! Read her message, below -- and above all, thank you for utilizing and sharing this community service website.

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